Providing high quality Design and Technology workshops, training & consultancy, resource shop and after school clubs to primary schools

Make Hepp DT your trusted provider…

The National Curriculum states, that ‘Design and technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject. Using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems…’

Here, at Hepp DT, we believe just that. We are a team of experienced teachers and professionals who provide high quality and engaging Design and Technology workshops; training and consultancy; prepared material resources and after school clubs aimed at primary schools.

If you are wanting tailored support and guidance to enhance your Design and Technology curriculum, then look no further than Hepp DT. Our entire ethos centres around creating learning experiences that are engaging, memorable but more importantly, raising the profile of Design and Technology within the primary curriculum. We ensure that primary Design and Technology in primary schools develops children’s skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials.

Here is what the children have to say about Hepp DT…

‘I haven’t done Hepp DT in a long time so I’m really happy… I love how my crane looks and it was really, really fun! I love Hepp DT!’ Arya – Year 3 at Springvale Primary School

‘It was my best work all year!’ – Miles – Year 3 at Springvale Primary School

‘I am amazed at what I’ve done!’ – Finley – Year 3 at Springvale Primary School

 ‘My motorised buggy worked and it was perfect!’ – Hamza – Year 5 at St Cuthberts & The First Martyrs Primary School

‘I made an actual moving vehicle all by myself!’ – Zani – Year 5 at St Cuthberts & The First Martyrs Primary School

Design and Technology Workshops

Turn your classroom into a thriving Design and Technology workshop with the help of Hepp DT…

At Hepp DT we provide a full and comprehensive range of workshops designed to engage, harness and capture children’s creative thinking in the comfort of your own school.

We provide an exciting, daring and constructive environment for children to explore all elements of the Design and Technology curriculum. Our workshops cover all elements of the design cycle as well as making links between topic, literacy, numeracy and Science and many more.  

Training & Consultancy

staff CPD

Give your staff the confidence to deliver quality Design and Technology lessons…

Hepp DT offers tailor-made, training sessions to enable staff to build the correct skills to feel confident in delivering the Design and Technology curriculum in the classroom. Our bespoke sessions can be booked as an INSET day, full day, half day or a twilight session and can cover a variety of foci. These can include practical skills sessions, Design and Technology curriculum planning, effective Design and Technology leadership and deep dives into Design and Technology.

Design and Technology Resources

Hassle free, pre-prepared materials and resources to support the teaching of Design and Technology in your school…

Don’t have the time to prepare materials? No tools to deliver quality Design and Technology lessons? Unsure of where to start?

Allow Hepp DT to prepare materials, resources and components to your exacting needs to ensure quality Design and Technology teaching is taking place in the classroom. Hepp DT can also provide tools to ensure staff have everything they need for the children to create quality outcomes every time.

After School Clubs

Enhance your extra curricular offer with a Hepp DT After School Club…

Not every child is interested in sports, dance or music. Therefore, offer your children the opportunity to get hands on at a Hepp DT After School Club instead.

Our extremely popular after school clubs run project work for either 5 or 6 weeks. And in that time, children will experience the entire design cycle. They will design their product, make their product using a variety of tools and materials and evaluate their work.

Hepp DT After School Clubs are limited in availability and location.

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