Celebration Countdown Calendar with LED


This is a class favourite! Allow your children to create their very own celebration countdown calendar – a perfect project that will be brought out and put on display for every special celebration! It also uses an electrical circuit and will give off a warm glow of light. Throughout this project, children will have an opportunity to see how to create a free standing frame structure as well as design their product and use sandpaper and PVA wood adhesive to make their piece.

Quantity in box: Class set of 30


Each material pack comes with the following components:

  • MDF frame structure
  • Jelutong brackets
  • Wooden cubes
  • Laser cut numbers
  • LED strip
  • 9v battery clip

In order to attach the LED strip light to the 9v battery clip, it will need to be soldered using a soldering iron and fast melting solder – this can be added at the checkout. Risk assessments for this part of the project will also be provided.

This material pack includes the Hepp DT design portfolio that covers the design, make, evaluate and technical knowledge aspects of the project.

If you wish to cut the jelutong brackets, you will need junior hacksaws and g-clamps – you DO NOT need to do this if you do not have these tools at school. Just state, at checkout, if you prefer the materials to be left to cut or pre-cut by us. As stated above, the LED strip needs to be soldered to the battery clip. If you do not have a soldering iron and fast melting solder, you can add these items at checkout.

Each material pack comes with sandpaper and PVA wood adhesive as standard.

9v batteries are not supplied.

Quantity in box: Class set of 30

Additional information

Weight 8 kg

components not cut, components pre-cut

Tools needed:

Soldering iron needed, soldering iron not needed