Levers, Linkages & Sliders


An exciting and easy to use kit to assist in the teaching of levers, sliders and linkages. This ‘plug and play’ tool allows children to explore how a variety of mechanisms work. Each kit comes with a base board, grey board arms and split pins so it can be used again and again.

Quantity in box: Class set of 30

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Each material pack comes with the following components:

  • Base board made from laser plywood
  • Small, medium and large arms made from grey board
  • Split pins

As well as the above, you will receive QR codes which, when scanned, takes you to step by step videos of four different types of mechanisms (snapping crocodile, waving hand, waving flag and moving dragon). It also comes with a variety of teaching suggestions to guide the children through structured exploratory play. This project is perfect for children to creatively personalise their mechanical creations as example templates are included to support this.

An extra pack of 60 arms (20 small, 20 medium and 20 large) can also be ordered.

Quantity in box: Class set of 30


Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Class set of 30, Extra arms