Clock Making


Create a free standing working clock with a gear mechanism in this fabulous and exciting project suitable for both KS1 and KS2 children. This project can fit perfectly with any theme or topic within the curriculum as it allows the children to use their wildest imaginations.

Quantity in box: Class set of 30

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Each material pack comes with the following components:

  • Clock face made from MDF
  • 5mm dowel to make it ‘free standing’
  • Numbers 3, 6, 9, 12 made from laser cut plywood
  • Clock mechanism (requires AA battery – not supplied)
  • Clock hands (second, minute and hour) made from coloured plastic

The clock is an ideal way to explore a variety of finishing techniques as it can fit any classroom theme (please note, we do not provide finishing techniques). In order to securely fasten the clock mechanism, a pair of flat nose pliers is suggested. Each clock face is approximately 200mm x 100mm. This material pack includes the Hepp DT design portfolio that covers the design, make, evaluate and technical knowledge aspects of the project.

To be able to cut the dowel to the correct length, you will need junior hacksaws, bench hooks and g-clamps as well as a cordless drill and 5mm and 8mm drill piece. If you do not have these tools in school, please select the ‘components pre-cut’ option at checkout.

Each material pack comes with sandpaper and PVA wood adhesive as standard.

Quantity in box: Class set of 30

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